Wish I Didn’t Hear (Jelena Racy One Shot)

Pre-note: This story is extremely racy and is purely based on fictional events. Try not to die on me, k?~

Alfredo POV:

I sat in my bed reading a technology magazine as my iPod charged in Justin’s room. I was bored out of my mind, sipping pepsi and trying not to fall asleep at two in the afternoon. Selena just came to visit Justin and I at our new house, and they were watching movies in his bedroom next door which they had kicked me out of twenty minutes ago.


Selena POV:

My head sat on Justin’s chest, hearing his heart beat madly. The movie just ended and we laid tangled in the bed as he spoke. “I missed you.”

"I missed you too, babe." I replied, feeling his lips on my forehead. I sat up slightly, just enough to kiss his lips slowly. The kiss got more heated each minute and soon my hands were tangled in his hair and our tongues were intertwined.

"I missed everything about you. Your smile, your hair, your smooth skin, your gorgeous body…" He trailed off, running his hot fingers on my thigh. I smiled as we sat up, his hands making their way to the zipper of my white shorts. I felt my body getting hotter under Justin’s control.

I saw his breath speed up as my skin was being exposed inch by inch. Sure, he had seen me naked plenty times, but the thrill was the same each time. After sitting clad in my bra and panties, I reached behind me to unhook the clasps of my bra, letting it fall to the floor. Justin smiled at me and kissed my lips again, letting my impatience get the best of me as I pulled my underwear off in one swift motion.

Breaking our lips for only a moment, Justin took of his shirt and I reached down to take off his pants, leaving me naked and him to sit in his boxers. Without warning, Justin began squeezing my breasts roughly, pinching each nipple.

I took in a deep breath and pulled him closer to me, feeling him hard against me. I moaned once again as he kissed my breasts.


Alfredo POV:

I was just about to ask Justin and Selena if they wanted to order Chinese food when I heard what sounded like a moan coming from their room. Closing my eyes, I pressed my head against the door. “Mmm, Juuuuuustin.”

Proving my theories right, I tried not to vomit as I darted down the hall and back to my room. I groaned and pressed my hands to my temple, trying to drawn their horny asses out.

Where’s my iPod when I need it?


Justin POV:

Running my hand down her stomach, I felt her soft lips on my neck. Within seconds, I slipped my finger directly in Selena, not surprised to find her dripping wet. I felt her knees give way as I continued to rub her insides, making her toes curl and her nails pinch my upper arms.

Seconds later, Selena drew her thighs closer, locking my hand in between. I grinned, loving how her body was tensing up all because of me. Taking in the signs I knew well, I pulled my finger out from her, curving it as she was about to cum.

"Oh, fuck yes." Selena screamed as an orgasm washed through her. At this point, I was throbbing from the sight of her cumming in front of me. I kissed Selena’s lips softly and gave her a moment to enjoy herself and to catch her breath.

After she rode out her orgasm I felt Selena tug at my boxers, pulling them off of me. I laid down on the bed and lifted myself onto my elbows as Selena ran her fingertips down my shaft. I took in a quick breath, her touch almost too much to take.

"Babe," I groaned softly, my eyes looking down at her. My thoughts were cut short as I let my head fall back and my eyes shut as her hands closed around me and she moved in slow deliberate strokes. The pleasure inside me was building and I didn’t want it to be over too quickly. I reached down and grabbed Selena’s hand to stop her movements. I looked at her with loving eyes, “Just give me a minute?” I asked, panting.

She responded by not saying anything and removing her hand, I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. Hearing her moving on the bed, I tried to calm myself so I could make love to her. Raking my hand through my hair, I saw Selena straddling me.

"Why you sneaky-"

"Shhh." Selena giggled, touching my lips lightly with her finger. "Now’s not for talking."

I chuckled slightly as she positioned herself in me. Sliding down at a painfully slow fashion, our bodies soon molded together. Between Selena yelling and my groans, I pulled her face towards mine and kissed her before my hands found her breasts. I took them into my hands, taking my time to rub her hard nipples.

Between circling her hips and sliding herself up and down, my hands moved from Selena’s breasts to her hips as she rode me. I watched her sweat stained body and face. “You’re so beautiful.” I mused.

She moaned in response, part of me not knowing if she had had heard. The sounds of her soft moans were undeniably hot and I wondered for a second if Alfredo could hear them in the next room. I brushed that thought away as she began to pick up speed.

"Hang on." I whispered, sitting up slowly. I lifted her body from mine and laid her on the bed were I just sat. She smiled at me and kissed my lips as I positioned myself between her legs. Entering her, I kissed her forehead and she snaked her hand on my shoulder blade, digging into it and moaning loudly with each thrust.

I felt Selena’s walls start to tighten around me. “I’m so close, Justin.”

I moaned quietly, close myself. I thrusted into her hard as pleasure hit both our bodies. I passionately moved my mouth to her lips, quieting her cry of pleasure. Both our heart rates went down and she laid next to me.

"I love you." She whispered, snuggling her face into my neck.

"I love you, too." I promised, titling my head to sit on hers.


Alfredo POV:

After what seemed like five hours, I sat in the kitchen eating food by myself. The delivery man came about twenty minutes ago, and I don’t even know why I bothered to get the couple food.

Breaking my thoughts, Selena walked out of the bedroom, her hair in a ponytail and she was wearing Justin’s sweatshirt. “Hey, Fredo.”

"Hi." I mumbled, trying to avoid eye contact. The idea of Selena being naked burned in my mind as Justin walked out to the kitchen and grabbed an egg roll off the counter. He sat in his boxers and wife beater tank top. Even if I didn’t hear them, he’s making it damn obvious.

"Thanks for the food. I’m starving." He commented.

"Yeah, I bet." I rolled my eyes.


"Oh, nothing."

"Okay?" Justin chuckled, sitting on the island stool next to Selena.


Selena POV:

Eating my rice, I felt Justin’s hand trailing hearts on my back. I smiled at him and pecked his lips softly.

"Eww, guys. You really didn’t get enough of eachother?" Alfredo groaned, seconds later his eyes widening.

"Oh my gosh." I gasped, catching on.

"You heard?" Justin smirked, seeming unphased. Alfredo nodded slowly and I lowered my forehead into my hands, trying to mask my red face. Justin moved his hand to my waist and lightly squeezed.

"I’m going to die in a hole." I muttered. "I’m going to hell. It’s decided."

"No, baby you’re not." Justin added.

Alfredo looked at me and spoke, “You guys can do it as much as you want, just stay safe and don’t be so loud next time.”

"You sound like my mother." Justin laughed, leaning over the counter to hit Fredo’s shoulder playfully. They both laughed and Justin and I excused ourselves.

"I’m serious though. Keep it quiet." Alfredo yelled as we opened the door. I finally let loose and giggled, running my hand through my dark brown locks. Minutes later, Justin and I were back in bed. Kissing his jawline, Justin smiled at me. "I’m still kinda horny." He admitted.

Feeling myself begin to get wet, I smirked and looked down at his boxers that I had noticed just seconds before. ”I can tell.”

"Sorry." He replied.

I looked back at him and kissed the corner of his mouth, “Don’t be sorry. You’re just speaking the truth.”

He raised an eyebrow at me and I winked. Shifting to hover over me, I felt his lips on my neck. “Ready for round two?”

"Just don’t be as loud." I replied.

"It’s all your fault." He smirked, his full lips still on my neck.

"Am I really that loud?” I asked consciously.

"Just loud enough." He chuckled, pulling his sweatshirt off my body as we started all over.


Note: And it’s over. lol. This was requested and I hope you liked it. I don’t want any hate messages for this because I wrote a warning at the top. Feedback would be amazing. I hope this was long enough for you:)

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